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Our Story & About Katie's Kombucha

My name is Katie owner of KATIE’S KOMBUCHA. I trained as a chef at Ballymaloe in order to pursue a career in food. During my training I was introduced to all different types of fermentation and became obsessed with all things fermented, in particular, Kombucha. It is fascinating to think that the drink is alive and that there is a community of bacteria living inside which is beneficial to our bodies.

When it comes to health, we start at the gut – our body’s second brain – and we trust it to support our bodies to fuel our happiness, health and wellness.

Back home, the craving called and the corner of my kitchen became a fermenter’s paradise. I started making Kombucha for myself and whenever I had spare, I would give those to friends. They loved it so much they would come back looking for more. They wanted to buy a Kombucha that tasted like this home brew, in store but none of the available products satisfied their craving for a natural unpasteurized fruity fermented drink. This is why I produce naturally fermented Kombucha, hand crafted in small batches staying true to the authentic brewing process, never compromised.

I created Katie’s Kombucha, to share the wonders of functional living foods and gut health with you to Refresh, Re-balance, Replenish, the body. Because when you feel alive, you can create what you love and love what you create. I hope you enjoy this weird and wonderful drink half as much as I do.


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